Dyer Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc

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Seasonal Care

Early Spring

  • Walk property to evaluate landscape needs/ projects for upcoming season
  • Review property for winter season damage
  • Spring Clean-up to detail lawn and plant beds for up coming season
  • Lawn fertilization for early spring green up and weed control applications
  • Prune winter plant damage
  • Rejuvenation pruning of older plants to encourage healing & healthy new growth
  • Mulching of plant beds
  • Review lawn & landscape watering practices
  • Night lighting repairs & adjustments
  • Begin lawn and landscape maintenance programs

Mid Spring/Summer

  • Implement plantings & hardscape projects (walkways, patios, etc.) discussed earlier in season
  • Plant annuals in seasonal flower pots & plant beds for continuous color
  • Perennial garden installations
  • Cut back selected perennials after flowering to encourage compact growth/repeat flowering
  • Prune selected trees, shrubs and hedges after flowering
  • Lawn fertilization and insect/disease monitoring & control
  • Review lawn & landscape watering practices
  • Continue lawn and landscape maintenance programs


  • Continue Plantings and hardscape projects/phases
  • Plant mums and other seasonal color plantings in flower pot and plant beds
  • Plant flower bulbs for early spring color
  • Divide and cut back perennials for next season
  • Core aeration and seeding of lawns
  • Lawn fertilization and liming to correct soil ph
  • Leaf-clean-ups and removal
  • Apply anti-desiccants/deer control for winter protection


  • Keep driveways and walks free of snow
  • Apply ice melt for minimal damage to paved surfaces, plant material and lawn areas
  • Dormant pruning of trees to improve structure and growth
  • Re-apply anti-desiccants/deer control applications for extended winter protection
  • Discuss and design landscape projects for the upcoming season